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Conservation Through Community Development

A Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Development Project

In the spring of 2023, Rai retired from the environmental-based nonprofit which he founded in 2013. The nonprofit organization, though continuing some charity projects, opted not to continue overseas endeavors while undertaking restructuring. Being particularly fond of wildlife, Rai decided to provide the necessary funding so the CTCD project could continue. With the help of project coordinators Amoniz Muhumuza and Joshua Rukundo, wildlife such as elephants and the unique tree-climbing lions of Ishasha, continue to thrive in Uganda.

The CTCD Team


In the spring of '22, the CTCD project, together with Rukundo's Kigezi Coffee Development Academy, founded the Ishasha Community Conservation Center (ICCC). The team procured and installed solar + batteries for electrification and added a cellular internet modem for communications. The ICCC building now functions as a business hub for the Ishasha community in southwest Uganda. In addition to providing "internet cafe" services for local entrepreneurs, the ICCC serves as an information center, educating tourists and locals on the importance of wildlife conservation and sustainable practices.

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