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Raijal Erik Sabin Royall is an author-illustrator, a born creator;

A photographer, musician, an anti-politician;

A poet, philosopher, Buddhist, carpenter;

Academic, stoicist, thinker, novelist;

Dreamer, sculptor, inventor, painter;

Entrepreneur, sketcher, eco-defender;

Story-teller, adventurer...

and most importantly, father and protector.

Rai is dedicated to the craft of art in all its forms as a means of soul communication, the expression of passion and enthusiasm for life. From our earliest days on Earth, humans have been driven to create, to build, to entertain, and to make our creations artful.


There are myriad reasons for making art. Each reason is different for each artist, for each medium, and for each creation.


The meaning of art is as the meaning of life.

'Why' is but a distraction.

'Tis the doing that's the reason.

'Tis is the journey that's the destination.

A brief History

Born in the 70's in Oakland, California to a Vietnam vet-turned-hippy and a protestant rebel escaping her bible belt ties.

Raised in the 80's on nature T.V. and running wild in northern California after father left and mother went back to work full-time.

Formed in the 90's trying to avoid drugs (and the grunge life) and rise above poverty.

Schooled in the 00's, completing B.S. in environmental engineering from Cal Poly Humboldt. Went abroad, and to Africa for the first time.

Businessed in the 10's, various start-ups, some philanthropy. Started a family and learned about true love. Master's in sustainability from Harvard.

Focus on family in the 20's, reinvented life, shed the illusions of commercial business and got back to the business of living.

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